30 October 2020

Denver Ballot Issues For 2020 In A Nutshell

Here are thumbnail summarizes of the ballot issues in the City and County of Denver in 2020 with my recommendations.


No. 2A - increase sales tax by 0.25% for climate change and jobs programs. Good idea but mushy, with regressive funding source.

Yes. 2B - increase sales tax by 0.25% for homelessness programs. Urgently needed.

Yes 2C - allows city council to hire lawyers for itself without mayor's approval. Denver has a very strong mayor and very weak city council. 2C, 2E and 2G are a package that levels the playing field to a more typical balance.

Yes. 2D - creates advisory board for a new city department like other city departments have. Basically just updates the City org chart consistently with a detail overlooked in forming a new city department last year.

Yes. 2E - requires city council to approve top level appointments by the Mayor. See 2C.

Yes. 2F - housekeeping cleanup of city charter language. No brainer.

Yes. 2G - allows city council to propose spending not initiated by Mayor. See 2C.

Yes. 2H - repeals obsolete ban on city provided WiFi and telecom services previously required by state law. Doesn't actually provide those services without further action. No brainer.

Yes 2I - gives elected county clerk one or two more political appoints outside civil service system than he has now. If we're going to have an elected city clerk he ought to be able to hire and fire his chief deputy and his three department heads.

No. 2J - legalizes pit bulls with regulation. Pit bulls disproportionately kill kids and harm people.


Yes. 4A - authorizes $51 per year for median priced home in Denver in property taxes to provide $32 million for Denver Public Schools to invest in mental health services, special education, and nursing support amid the pandemic, and $15 million designated for employee pay (including raising the minimum wage for support staff to $14.77 an hour and cost of living increases for teachers). Colorado ranks 50th in the nation in teacher pay relative to cost of living and Denver doesn't have recommended number of counselors and school nurses despite having much higher than average need.

Yes. 4B - authorizes Denver Public Schools to issue new bonds for repairs and capital improvements, serviced by existing mill levies, to replace old bonds that have been paid off. Just continues the status quo.

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Dave Barnes said...

How do you determine if a dog is a "pit bull"?
DNA testing?
"One drop of blood"?
I equate dog breed bans with racial classification. Just not acceptable.