16 March 2006

Bon Mots De Dex

From a letter to Colorado Senator Allard from Denver blogger Dex:

[Y]ou whiffed and whiffed bad when you accused your fellow Senator Russ Feingold of siding "with the terrorists."

I am pretty sure that "the terrorists" - be they generals in the Pentagon or death squads in Iraq or Al Qaeda - probably have very little use for Russ Feingold. This is because Senator Feingold is attempting to gather support for a parliamentary measure, a motion to censure President Bush for illegally spying on citizens of this country. I understand that nobody's going to be killed, even if the motion is passed.

But terrorists - and this is key - terrorists for the most part eschew all that I make a motion or I yield the remainder of my time or will there be order and stuff and make with the killing. This is what makes them terrorists. My guess is Senator Feingold is not heavily involved in the business of killing people.

Sometimes these politicians are a little thick and need to have things explained to them nice and simple like.

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