16 March 2006

Iraqi Provinces Map

The provinces of Iraq are shown above in a map from Wikipedia. The key is below, the names found on the Wikipedia page converted into transliterations more commonly found in the English language American press in most cases:

1. Baghdad
2. Salaheddin
3. Diyala
4. Wasit
5. Maysan
6. Basra
7. Dhi Qar
8. Muthanna
9. Qadisiyyah
10. Babel
11. Karbala
12. Najaf
13. Anbar
14. Nineveh
15. Dahuk
16. Arbil (aka Irbil or Erbil)
17. At Tamim
18. Sulaimaniya

Provided because an older link to a map of Iraq was receiving many hits today.

Coalition casualties have not been distributed equally by province. This source attributes as many casualties as it can manage from the U.S. led coalition as follows (which is only a small part of total casulties, but is a fairly good indicator of where hot conflict is in Iraq), and is followed by a regional description (SE Iraq=Sumer, N Iraq mostly Kurdistan, remainder central Iraq):

*Anbar 808 (Central) Home to cities of Fallujah, Ramadi and Abu Ghraib.
*Baghdad 575 (Central) Capitol City-Province.
*Salaheddin 256 (Central) Home to cities of Tikrit and Samarra.
*Nineveh 171 (Central-Kurdistan) Home to city of Mosul.
*Babel 118 (Sumer-Central) Home to city of Hillah and ruins of Babylon.
*Diyala 82 (Central)
*Dhi Qar 67 (Sumer) Home to ruins ancient city of Ur.
*Basra 58 (Sumer) Home to cities of Basra, Umm Qasr and Eden.
*At Tamim 37 (Kurdistan-Central) Home to the city of Kirkuk.
*Wasit 33 (Sumer) Home to city of Al Kut.
*Najaf 29 (Sumer) Home to cities of Najaf and Kufah.
*Karbala 28 (Sumer)Home to Shi'ite holy shrine to Imam Hussein.
*Maysan 19 (Sumer) Home of "Marsh Arabs"; 1991 Shi'ite uprising.
*Qadisiyyah 17 (Sumer)
*Muthanna 6 (Sumer)
*Arbil 1 (Kurdistan) Home to ethnic Turks and Assyrians.
*Sulaimaniya 0 (Kurdistan)
*Dahuk 0 (Kurdistan)

To oversimplify, Sumer is predominantly Shi'ite, Kurdistan is mostly Kurdish Sunni, and Central Iraq is predominantly Sunni Arab with significant other populations in the East in particular.