03 April 2008

Anastasia Development

What can I say? Even before the 1997 Disney movie, I was facinated by the question of whether or not Princess Anastasia survived. A friend of mine in law school did his Note, a law review article written by a third year law student, on a woman's claim in a German court case that she was the princess (or her daughter, I forget).

DNA evidence seems likely to be able to now confirm that all members of the Romanov royal family, including Anastasia and all of her siblings, were killed by their captors in 1918. The tests will match DNA from the remains reputed to belong to each of the family members, to known DNA from people related to members of the Romanov family. If there is a match, then we know that there were no survivors. Preliminary tests have indicated that this is the case and these tests would confirm prior evidence.

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