12 June 2008

Anti-Union Proposal Opposed By Denver Chamber

The basic argument for supports of Amendment 47, a "right to work" provision which would bar employers from having a closed shop in which all employees must be union members is that it is pro-business. But that case just got weaker when the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce decided to oppose the proposal.

In recognition of the Denver Metro Chamber's support, unions dropped two ballot measures that the Denver Metro Chamber opposed.

The UFCW is pulling an initiative that would have increased commercial property taxes by tweaking the Gallagher Amendment, the measure that keeps homeowners’ property taxes low. The union also is yanking an initiative that called for an annual cost-of-living increase for employees of companies with more than 10 employees.

But the union is continuing with two health-related ballot proposals, including one that would require employers with more than 20 workers to provide a plan for major medical coverage.

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