30 June 2008

Interpreter Use in U.S. District Courts

In 2005, according to the Florida Bar Journal (July/August 2008 at page 22) citing the Adminstrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Annual Report of the Director, there were a total of 227,361 "events" at which interpreters were required in the U.S. District Courts. The number of events by language was as follows:

Spanish 214,355 (94%)
Mandarin 1,792
Arabic 1,250
Vietnamese 863
Korean 796
Cantonese 745
Russian 610
French 417
Foochow 409

Mandarin, Cantonese and Foochow are all languages spoken primarily in China or by persons of Chinese descent.

Total number of languages interpreted 111.

In 2000, the total number of events in all languages was 190,127 and the number of those that involved Spanish language interpretation was 179,271.

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