09 June 2008

World Changing For The Better

"A Gallup poll revealed the number of men who wore ties to work each day fell to 6 percent in 2007."

I count myself among the 94% who don't wear ties every day to work. I wear a tie to work about half of the time (and despite living in Colorado, I don't even own a bolo tie). But they have always been a useless, inconvenient appendage. Tie sales are down 50% since 1995.

Also in positive news, an "Imagine No Religion" billboard has sprouted up at 14th and Fox Street in Denver, sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


Michael Malak said...

Ties and socks are the only way heterosexual professionals and businessmen can express themselves.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Au contraire. The demise of the tie coincides with the rise of "business casual," varitiable minefield of choices that allow for personal expression not possible in the era of the gray flannel suit.

Michael Malak said...

Choice -- as in khaki or jeans? Try wearing tie-dye -- or any T-shirt for that matter -- or leather pants or nightclub clothing. Nay, "business casual" is just as limiting as "business professional", but with the illusion of being freeing.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Link to poll here.