06 June 2008

New Name And Format For CoCo

The publication formerly known as Colorado Confidential (affectionately known as CoCo by its friends), for which I used to write, has renamed and reimagined itself as the Colorado Independent.

The quality of the layout is far superior to its previous incarnation. Equally important, it has a more clear mission. CoCo was never sure whether it was a journalism site or a blog, indeed it was created with some intentional ambiguity with equal shares of bloggers doing journalism and journalists discovering the online medium. In contrast, the Colorado Independent unequivocally holds itself out as an online newspaper that has an associated blog (The Confidential), but isn't a blog itself.

Cara DeGette, formerly of the unaffiliated Colorado Springs Independent, has stamped her journalistic personality on the publication. She is the undisputed star of the show now that Jason Bane (front man for Colorado Pols and candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner) and Jim Spenser (former op-ed writer for the Denver Post) have moved on to other pursuits.


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