02 January 2009

Comments In 2008

There were 786 comments posted to this blog in 2008, an average of a little less than one per post. The post, Against Planners, on April 30, 2008 received the most comments, with 33 comments posted.

Some of these comments, of course, were posted by me, either as a way to update a post, or to respond to someone else's comment. A handful of regulars have provided a large share of the remaining comments. And, I believe that the method I used to count comments also includes spam comments that are later deleted.

In any case, thank you to everyone who posted comments here in the past year (except the spammers).

1 comment:

Kevin Dickson said...

I think the reason Against Planners got so many comments is because I posted a link to it at Planetizen, which is viewed daily by a high percentage of city planners.