27 January 2009

Neighborhood Anxiety Update

More on the enclave at the boundary of the Golden Triangle and Capital Hill where I work.

Gone: One decent deli on Lincoln in the Beauvillion.

Leaving: The Denver Democrats has terminated their lease on the 700 block of Sherman Street in favor of three year lease with options to renew at 574 S. Broadway, a SoBo home closer to transit, with 500 more square feet, more parking, and less rent. The deal was closed yesterday. The move will take place in February, 2009. It is merely coincidence that both the county and state party will now have their offices in State House District 2.

Coming Soon: A sandwich shop in the premises of my beloved, defunct coffee shop Scooter Joes

The skinny on 700 Lincoln. My sources tell me that Anthem isn't moving out, but is downsizing, which frees up more space in the building.

Local color: Our neighborhood's cops have good taste in coffee.

Fashion: Pink dress shirts for men are in, so are women dressed in Goth cut clothes with stunning rainbows of color instead of black, peacoats, and scarfs and knit caps as indoor wear.

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