05 January 2009

Wither The Rocky?

The Rocky Mountain News was given about six weeks to live, about four weeks ago, in the event that a buyer was not found. There has been no news of a serious buyer. The day is approaching.

I've heard nothing more about what will happen. Comments from those in the know are appreciated.


fish said...

employees are doing what they can: http://www.iwantmyrocky.com/... Andrew Hudson offers up an idea there today. There was a story about the deal book being provided to a few potential buyers a couple of weeks ago. Also playing into this is Dean Singleton's financial condition. Hard to say what will happen in all this.
take care

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Thanks fish, even though, of course, the bottom line is, we don't really know.

We should touch base sometime. I've really appreciated your insights.