05 October 2009

Army Surplus Tanks

The United States has thousands of tanks sitting in storage.

Nearly 9,000 M-1s were manufactured during the 1980s and 90s. The U.S. Army and Marines only use about 1,600 now, with foreign operators accounting for another 1,500. So there are plenty of older M-1s in storage. . . . [They] could remain in service for another forty years or more.

Anyone would swords to ploughshares ideas for these could do the nation some good.

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Billll said...

Stimulus monies will be given to municipal governments, who will, in turn pass the bucks on the DOD as payment for the tanks.
The average municipal government, like Englewood or Littleton, will only need one tank to fulfill their Homeland Security needs, and provide their police departments with a toy to use at the range.
The monies given to the DOD to purchase the tanks, will be deducted from the pentagons annual budget, allowing the administration to claim progress in the war on terror, and at the same time a reduction in unnecessary military expenditures.
The reduction in military expenditures will be allocated to the Dept of Health, less 10% to be allocated to ACORN.
Eventually, the municipalities will find that maintenance is expensive, and sell the tanks to the public at auction, after removing the municipal police logos, light bars, and sirens.
I always wanted my own tank, didn't you?