19 October 2009

Downtown Estes Park Buildings On Fire

It is a sad day for the Park Theater Mall in old fashioned downtown of Estes Park, Colorado. It is in flames today, although no people or animals have been injured or killed. The area was at a tourism low point this week. A cause for the fire is not yet known.

This is the most devistating blow to a small town in Colorado since a crazy guy in Granby, Colorado destroyed many historic buildings with a home made tank on June 5, 2004.


Allan said...

This event was totally miserable. Thanks for the post about the Estes Park Fire!

John E. Torres said...

Estes Park Fire Update!

At noon, firefighters sprayed the building is still smoldering one of the oldest buildings in the city - which housed seven businesses. Dozens of people were sitting on the hills overlooking the city, watching the action...

More Update --> http://grazip.blogspot.com/2009/10/estes-park-fire-update.html