06 October 2009

Rockies and Broncos Do Well

I am a fair weather fan. And, now is a fine time to be one in Denver.

The Colorado Rockies, our base ball team, has clinched the National League wildcard spot in the playoffs. They will compete the winner of each of the three National League Divisions for a spot in the World Series, against the winner of the four teams in the American League that made it into their playoff. We managed to see two Rockies victories at Coor's Field (one a critical eleventh inning victory) this season.

The Broncos are currently 4-0 for their season. Four of the five times that his happened previously, they made it into the Superbowl.

Between encountering the bleak face of a weak economy every day at work, and dealing with the absurd medical billing system that has helped driven the nation to health care reform, it is nice to find something right in the world.

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