20 October 2009

Army Unhappy With Non-College Bound

About 70% of high school graduates go to college. Of those who do not, "nearly half of them have physical (most are overweight), psychological (can't handle the stress or discipline) or legal (have a felony on their record) problems that keep them out" of the Army's recruiting program.

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Michael Malak said...

More than anything else, this points to a failure of present-day high schools in general, the perpetual childhood they engender, and the dysfunction and alienation caused by huge soulless windowless high school prisons. A century ago, an eighth grade education was sufficient for vocational work.

I have my grandfather's high school notebooks from 1907 (from a small town in Kansas). He received a better education than I did in college or even my parents did in college. He, of course, didn't need to go to college.