07 January 2010

Salazar Out; Favors Hick

Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, who was rumored to have been a candidate for the 2010 Democratic Party nomination for Governor in the wake of the news that incumbent Bill Ritter has decided not to run for re-election, has stated that he does not intend to run and that he will endorse Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper in the race.

Ken Salazar has previously been elected to serve as Colorado's Attorney General and as a U.S. Senator from Colorado, but resigned from the Senate to serve in President Obama's cabinet. President Obama reputedly told Salazar that he would not have a problem with Salazar leaving his Interior Secretary post to enter the Governor's race in Colorado.

Hickenlooper has not formally entered the race, but is the front runner among pundits and according to Salazar "will seriously consider this historic opportunity[.]"

1 comment:

Dave Barnes said...

I want King John to remain as my mayor forever.