25 January 2010

Too Big For Blog2Print

One of the new applications attached to the blogger platform I use for Wash Park Prophet is one that will turn your blog into a book (it isn't cheap at 35 cents a page put a $15 up front fee).

I was curious what it would cost for me and learned, after selecting the entire blog that:

The posts in blog 'washparkprophet.blogspot.com' from your selected dates contain 4554 photos. Currently, Blog2Print can place up to 1000 photos in your Blog Book. If you like, try creating two or more volumes of your Blog Book by selecting smaller date ranges so that you will import less than 1000 photos into each volume.

But, this blog is too big and would be a multi-volume matter. Also, this would really need some copy editing and more complete tagging (to allow a decent index, at least) before it went to print.

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