07 January 2010

Was Family Really The Issue For Ritter?

Denver Direct has offered a suggestion (not inconsistent with the deliberative process of Governor Ritter described in today's Denver Post) that Ritter's decision not to run again really was motivated by (dishonorable) family reasons.

I link the story only in the interest of completeness, because it is theory that has been discussed and is not inconsistent with any fact of which I am aware. I have no knowledge beyond that quoted in the Denver Direct post of its accuracy, and do not claim that it is true, or republish the claims in detail here.


Steve Balboni said...

the post that he links to at Red State has some factual errors

1. She'a not his Chief of Staff
2. He didn't nominate her to anything, the President did
3. Her involvement in the Voorhies matter has been well known since 2006, it just came under heightened scrutiny because of her nomination. This was all antiticipated by oversvers (including me)

I don't think any of those errors fatally wound the speculation* but they are material errors.

*I actually think the point about the Voorhies matter points towards something else as prompting her withdrawal.

Evelyn said...

An e-mail I received personally from Ritter expounded on the fact that he feels issues he needs to attend to in his work as governor was more important than running for re-election. It was a lengthy explanation of all the objectives he wishes to take care of and accomplish and not a set of excuses. I will admit, though, that the decision was rather sudden. I think he's being straight with those who elected him to begin with and that's what's most important.