10 December 2010

Abortion in China

[A reputable study in China last year] found . . .

• 22.4% of Chinese youth age 15 to 24 were participating in premarital sex
• 51.2% of those sexually active youths did not use any form of birth control
• More that 20% of the sexually active youths had experienced an unexpected pregnancy
• 91% of those youths had opted to end that pregnancy in abortion.

These estimates for pregnancy and abortion rates are . . . higher in studies that just look at university students. In one such study (which had 80,000 participants), 26% of sexually active students had an unexpected pregnancy with an abortion rate of 92%.

From here.

Westerners are more likely to have premarital sex, but via birth control, less likely to get pregnant and far less likely in every demographic (with the possible exceptions of pre-teens and rape victims) to get abortions. The study also found that knowledge about what birth control methods do and don't work is scarce in China, as 95% of women use “feminine wash”, as a form of birth control even though it doesn't actually work.

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