16 December 2010

Corrupt Denver Parking Enforcers Fired

Denver's municipal government fired parking enforcement officers Eric Madril and John Culhane on December 9, 2010. They faked a ticket to retaliate against someone who had been reduce to one of them when given a first ticket and were caught in parking court. Denver's Public Works Department initially gave them trivial punishments, but when the news got out via 9News and the Denver Post, Denver's District attorney charged each of them with felonies and we now learn that they were fired a few days after they were charged with the felonies.

The initial decision to go easy on them was a serious lapse of judgment by municipal supervisors in the case, continuing a long history of overly lax treatment of law enforcement officials who engage in misconduct in the City, but public outrage and a nudge from the District Attorneys' office (which doesn't have the same intimate need for cooperation from parking enforcement officers that it does from the police in the city) ultimately caused the city to do the right thing.

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