15 December 2010

Demographic Change Documented

The people in my grandchildren's world won't look like those in my grandparent's world.

About 48 percent of newborns last year were members of minority groups, compared with just a fifth of those over 65. . . . More than a third of all 13.3 million new suburbanites were Latino, compared with 2.5 million blacks and 2 million Asians. In all, whites accounted for a fifth of suburban growth.

Even in rural America, where the population grew the slowest — just 2 percent since 2000 compared with 7 percent nationwide — foreign-born residents accounted for 37 percent of that growth. Three-quarters of them were not citizens[.]

The up and coming populations of the United States aren't well treated. The poor are disproportionately children and poverty is no longer largely a phenomena of central cities.

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