06 January 2011

Defense Budget Shakeup Proposed

Defense Tech summarizes some changes proposed in the Defense budget:

* F-35B will go on a “two year probation” and move to the “back of the line” on development behind the “C” and “A” model. More F/A-18EF Super Hornets will be purchased and older F/A-18 Hornets will have their service lives extended for the Marine Corps to make up for the “B” delay or cut.

* EFV is gone. Savings will be used to upgrade the AAV with more armor, better electronics and weaponry.
* Army SLAMRAAM canceled.
* The Non-Line of Sight Launch System gone. [Something that also impact a related Navy Littoral Combat Ship module.]
* Drawdown by 27K Soldiers and up to 20K Marines from end strength in 2015.

. . .

[Making it into the budget are proposals including:]

New long range nuclear strike bomber — that can be “optionally piloted.” . . .

Modernize the Abrams, Bradley and Stryker vehicle. [And hence presumably not replace them right away.] . . .

New ship classes, including a destroyer, LCS, oilers and ocean surveillance craft. . . .

Gates said the 2012 DoD budget request will be $553 billion, $13 billion less than planned in the previous FYDP. He added that the new FYDP numbers are $78 billion less than previously planned.

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Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

More detail at Politico and also a link to the speech by Secretary Gates announcing the proposals in detail.

The ships mentioned appear to be the DDG-1000 destroyer, the T-AGS-66 ships, and LCS ships for which contracts have already been awarded.