03 May 2011

Last Day To Vote In Denver Municipal Election

It is too late to mail in ballots in Denver's all mail municipal election, but ballots can still be dropped off in person until 7 p.m. Click the link for the Denver City government in the sidebar for more information. After that votes will be counted (with the first release of information containing a surge of ballots received and counted before voting closed).

In the City Council at large race with two seats in contention, this round of balloting will be decisive. In all other races, the two top candidates in races where no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast for that office will return for a runoff election. Races where this could happen include the races for Mayor, Auditor, Clerk and Recorder, and individual council district city council seats. For example, the several polls conducted so far in the Mayor's race make it very unlikely that any one of the nine candidates on the ballot who are still running (and additional candidates running on a write in basis) will receive a majority of the vote in the first round.

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