26 May 2011

What Is Your College Major Worth?

A new study from Georgetown University assembles data on the earnings experience of college graduates with various undergraduate college majors. Unsurprisingly, there is great variation in earnings prospects between different college majors, with the highest earning majors dominated by engineers, and the lowest earning majors predominantly centered in the caring professions.

The data are parsed by race and ethnicity, gender, and industry. It helpfully includes not just median earnings, but also 25th and 75th percentile earnings, percentage employed, the extent to which people with particular college majors end up in particular industries and occupations, and the likelihood that individuals with particular college majors will go on to earn graduate degrees and the economic premium that they receive from doing so.

1 comment:

Dave Barnes said...

Lots of data.
I stopped reading at about page 60.
But, as Barbie said: "Math is hard".