08 May 2012

GOP House Leadership Kills Colo Civil Unions Bill

Republican leaders in Colorado's State House have killed SB2, the Civil Unions bill in Colorado's General Assembly, as well as thirty other bills including a bill funding $20 million in water projects, by calling a recess of the state house two hours before the midnight deadline for passage of the bill that was coming up for a debate on the House floor where it had the support of 37 of the 65 state legislators in the chamber which Republicans control by a single seat.  The bill passed the State Senate and passed three different committee votes in the State House.  The Governor had commited to signing the bill if it was passed in the House, and the State Senate had been on call ready to consider the bill if it was passed with house amendments tonight.

The Denver Post has urged Governor Hickenlooper to call a special session to consider civil unions, but he has avoided saying if he will do so or not while there was still a possibility that the bill could be passed today.

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