29 May 2012

Lessons Learned

1. Never split up at a huge event like Bolder Boulder without designating a place to meet up afterwards.

2. Piano movers are so worth the money.

3. Good gin is infinitely superior to run of the mill gin.

4. If you bring one thing home to work on from the office, there is a decent chance that it will get done; if you bring two things home to work on from the office, neither will be completed.

5. Reading the relevant portions of the World Almanac and Wikipedia is usually sufficient to make you better informed than the average "expert" on a television news program.

6. You save a great deal of time reading the transcript of the State of Union address afterwards rather than listening to it live, interrupted by applause every second sentence.

7. Hang up your suit jacket in the car while you drive to your destination if you want it to look sharp when you arrive.

8. People who tells you that you can trust them because they are Christians are probably untrustworthy.

9. People will mortgage their cat to carry out the intent of a deceased or comotose person that was actually expressed personally to them by that person when they were conscious even if they disagree with it; but people will doubt their intent if they hear it for the first time after they are deceased or comotose.

10. Trial judges frequently don't do what the applicable law would seem to indicate that they should do.

11. Always document passwords and user names.

12. Regularly back up your hard drive.

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BSR said...

RE: #3, I have become quite fond of Leopold's Gin, which is distilled & bottled right here in Denver. My gin & tonics are vastly better since it was recommended to me by Dave at Divino.