16 May 2012

Women Like Sexy Men. Who Knew?

Previous research has shown in the week near ovulation women become attracted to sexy, rebellious and handsome men like George Clooney or James Bond. But until now it was unclear why women would ever think it's wise to pursue long-term relationships with these kinds of men.
Kristina Durante, assistant professor of marketing at The University of Texas at San Antonio College of Business quoted here.

Clearly, somebody doesn't get out much. And a marketing professor no less. Isn't "sex sells" the lesson that they teach you on day one of Marketing 101?

Note to university reacher P.R. officers:

In the age of press release journalism, when you can choose any quote you want from a faculty member, do not choose quotes that make your faculty member sound like a prepubescent imbecile who has never experienced the human condition.

Ms. Durante's study actually answered a legitimate question.

Do women who fall for sexy unreliable guys make a conscious trade off between the genetic fitness of a mate and his reliability as a father, or do they deceive themselves into thinking that they aren't making a tradeoff because the man they are attracted to would treat them differently than other women?

The answer turns out to be that "ovulating women thought that the sexy cad -- but not the reliable dad -- would contribute more to childcare, but only if she were his partner." But, you wouldn't know that this was what the study was really about from her lede quotation.

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