14 May 2012

Do We Want Him As President?

Mitt Romney was a privileged asshole who viciously bullied his classmate John Lauber because of claims that Lauber was gay, when Romney was a seventeen year old prep school student.

Now that Romney is the presumptive Presidential nominee, he's publicly apologized for his actions.

Do we really want someone with that moral character in charge of a nuclear arsenal and maintaining discipline in the military now? I simply do not believe that Romney has changed, or that his life experiences have prepared him for the profound moral responsibilities to all Americans that a President must take on.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope that I'm not judged for the rest of my life for mistakes I made when I was 17. Also, I have serious doubts that his bullying at 17 will translate into unreasonable use of a nuclear arsenal if he were to become president decades later.
Getting involved and writing about political issues is great, but please, consider writing about things that actually matter.

andrew said...

Character matters. And, character is very well developed at age seventeen. It is one thing to throw away someone's life entirely with LWOP for an act taken when seventeen, and it is quite another to consider it when considering granting someone extraordinary responsibility in the Presidency.

The kind of mistakes you make at seventeen reflect the kind of mistakes you are likely to make as an adult, even if the precise nature of those mistakes differ.