04 June 2013


* The acid test of whether pop musicians are really talented is how they perform acoustically in a single live take like the 93.3 FM garage sessions. This morning I heard one of those sessions by vocalist Amy Lee and song writer and guitarist Ben Moody of the band Evanescence (before they parted ways) performing a stripped down version of "Bring Me To Life" with nothing but her singing without backup singers, and him playing acoustic guitar with no other instrumentation. It was one of the most exquisite and haunting performances I've ever heard from anyone in any genre. I'm not sure that there is a vocal diva alive today who can match Amy Lee on a good day.

* Poem of the day:
What does a snipe look like?

To be honest, they're the trickiest bird to spot.
They don't fly very well but they tend to hide a lot.

A kinda cross between a pigeon and an owl,
it's a strange bird, one that deserves to be called fowl.

A rooster with a comb, like antlers on a moose;
Many experts would say, it looks like a wild goose.

How do you catch a snipe?

Pillowcases are nice; a garbage bag 'l do.
My brother got lucky; he hit one with his shoe.

I made a super cage out of a cardboard box;
baby snipes are the easiest ones to outfox.

It takes at least two guys; one has to tie the rope
the first one hangs on; if it's real dark, you just hope.

How long does it take to catch a snipe?

You start to hear sounds - like so much gobblety-gook.
Then comes this dumb sensation that you are the schnook.

It could take forever, but usually with youth
you quit hunting after someone relays the truth.
From here.

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