10 June 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot In Denver

The official thermometer at Denver International Airport registered 99 degrees on Monday . . . breaking the record for June 10 of 97 degrees set in 1952. That's almost 20 degrees warmer than the normal temperature on June 10 in Denver[.]
From the Denver Post.

I am not entirely convinced that DIA temperatures from an airport that entered service in 1995, are comparable at the margins to pre-DIA temperatures for Denver.  I would be more impressed if the measurement were from a Stapleton based thermometer maintained despite the relocation of the airport.  DIA is quite a bit further out from the mountains and is also more distant from cooling vegetative cover.  But, there is not doubt that today has been very hot.

Meanwhile, reports over the weekend from the Denver Post recited that Southeast Colorado including Pueblo is in a third year of "extreme drought" (rated "D4") and that it is starting to experience dust bowl conditions similar to those experienced in the 1930s.

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