13 June 2013

Military Intelligence Still Stupid

When my dad was in the Army (as a draftee in the 1950s), he recalls a day when one of his barracks-mates told him that they had classified the New York Times that day. 

The idiocy has not improved in the interim.  The following instruction went out to U.S. government employees and contractors on Tuesday:
Recently, news source websites some operated by CNN, MSN, ABC News, and other reputable news provider companies, have recently posted possible Classified content on their website.  At this time, ARCYBER is treating incidents where unclassified DOD systems view the classified document(s) that are posted on the news source sites as information spillage.  To prevent further incidents of spillage, USCYBERCOM recommends refraining from browsing/navigating/opening the web link to the content that are hosted on the news source sites until further notice.
How can you possible trust intelligence agencies that tell their employees and contractors to shield themselves from the secrets that can be obtained from watching broadcast television and browsing news websites? 

If we want to preserve the acronym, maybe we can rename the CIA the "Central Ignorance Agency."

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