14 December 2014

An Early New Year's Resolution

This year, the only Black Friday deal we swooped up with a pair of Denver Recreation Center passes.  One for my wife, a long time regular, and one for me, who has never been a big exerciser and cut back further when a back injury a couple of years ago limited my options.

The theory is that I will swim on a regular basis in the New Year, to get some exercise, since the long walks that used to be my mainstay are a no go for now.

Today was a first trial run, so I can "hit the water swimming" when the New Year comes around.  Heading to swim with the snow falling down around me wasn't exactly auspicious.  And, I did learn that I'd need a lock for a gym locker and a comb, in addition to those things I remembered to bring.  But, with any luck, I will still be at it once than January New Year's resolution rush subsides.

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