01 December 2014

Ten Mysteries of the Universe

1. Why did Microsoft make Windows 8 such an abomination?  Why didn't they change course once they discovered that their product was a flop?

2. Why do people vote for Republicans?

3. Why do people believe in Creationism?

4. Why is reality TV popular?

5. Why don't they cancel decades old moribund soap operas?

6. Why don't movie theaters compete with each other on popcorn prices?

7. Why don't more places in the United States than Nevada legalize prostitution?

8. Why does Colorado ban selling cars, but nothing else, on Sunday?

9.  Why do people pay extra for faster cars when there is no where that they can actually utilize this feature?

10. Why do people find baseball exciting?


Dave Barnes said...

Because CADA wants it that way.

Jimpithecus said...

Because some people think that the democrats have screwed up the country.

Jimpithecus said...

People find baseball exciting because there is lots and lots and lots and lots of strategy and tension and when the action happens, it is more exciting than the action in any other sport.