09 December 2014

Men Treat Women Wearing Heels Better

When it comes to securing the interest and help of strange men, a woman has few tools in her arsenal that have been empirically proven to be more effective than high heels.  Also three and a half inch heels are more effective than two inch heels.

The downside: High heels are unhealthy, increasing the wearer's risk of ankle injury, back pain and calf tendon injuries.


Dave Barnes said...

Does "FM shoes" mean anything to you? Did we need a "study" to understand this?

andrew said...

The bottom line conclusion isn't too surprising, although given all the myths out there it doesn't hurt to see it confirmed.

The magnitude of the impact is surprising. Heels v. not heels is a first order effect on a par with what I would expect for fat v. not fat, despite being such an easily manipulated factor. This suggests that it is a response signaling effect rather than a fitness signaling effect.