31 August 2015

Scott Walker Doesn't Get It

You've got to admire a guy with a pure heart.  But, Scott Walker just doesn't get it.  His campaign has jumped the shark with its bold initiative to stop Canadians from illegally immigrating into the United States by crossing its 5,525 mile U.S.-Canada border.  The Onion couldn't have devised a more inept campaign slogan.

There are basically two problems with this approach.

First, Canadians don't want to illegally immigrate from a relatively hand gun free land with national health care to the far more troubled United States, and if they did want to, they wouldn't because they can easily immigrate to the United States legally at any local border crossing.

Second, anti-immigration stances are popular with Republicans because they are a dog whistle way for Republicans to continue to be racist without admitting it.  It is a policy driven by fear.  This doesn't work in the Canadian case. Who's afraid of Canadians? But, nobody gave Walker the memo.

Put a fork in him.  He's done.


Dave Barnes said...

Scott's wall will be aimed at all the Chinese who live in Vancouver and plan to have their anchor babies born in the USA.
Also, the Quebeçois because holy shit: Press 3 for Française.

websterling said...

Maybe the wall is to keep the smart people from heading north if he's elected...