26 January 2016

Lot of Nobodies Seek GOP Nomination For U.S. Senate Race In Colorado

A dozen Republicans you've never heard of are the fools who have rushed in where angels fear to tread to challenge Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet in the race for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Colorado.

The big names in the Colorado Republican Party have failed to come forward, seeing the race against the moderate Democratic incumbent in a high turnout Presidential election year as a lost cause.

The absence of a strong candidate seems very likely to concede the race to the Democrats this year, despite the fact that in ideal conditions, this seat would be one of the few potential swing seats in the nation.


Dave Barnes said...

Tim "God, Guns, Babies" Neville is not someone you have never heard of.
He is a well-know GOP numbnut.

andrew said...

Definitely Junior Varsity, if not "C" team.