05 January 2016

Tagging Progress And Revived Drafts

All posts in this blog from June 2006 or later and all posts in July 2005 and earlier have been assigned labels (aka tags) that help identify their subject matter, and a significant portion, although probably a minority, of earlier posts at this blog have been tagged. Also, all posts at sister blog Dispatches at Turtle Island have been tagged. Posts in the remaining ten months (which were a period of very high numbers of posts per month) of the 126 months that this blog has been in operation have only been tagged sporadically. I hope to have all posts at both blogs tagged sometime this year. The effort continues to be one that continues in fits and spurts.

How prolific was I during those months?  Very.

August 2005 - 67
September 2005 - 100
October 2005- 278
November 2005 - 195
December 2005- 144
January 2006 - 211
February 2006 - 157
March 2006 - 144
April 2006 - 67
May 2006 -136

I'm also trying to clear the backlog of draft posts, either refining and publishing them, or deleting them.  I have about two dozen left after the latest spat of published draft posts today.  About half of the remaining draft posts won't ever be published in anything close to their current form because I have tagged them TMI and belong in a diary rather than being posted to the world.

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