07 February 2016

Matt Nelson RIP

My fellow lawyer and colleague Matt Nelson died today after a long battle with cancer.  He died long before his time, but due to some extraordinary cancer treatment, survived almost five years longer than would have otherwise been possible, during the lion's share of which he was in remarkably good health.

He was usually one of the first into the office in the morning, worked solidly, efficiently and quietly each day, interrupted only to discuss our cases or share a bit of goodwill.  His understated and plain writing presented complex concepts simply.  He was always willing to help and always humble.  In his personal life, he thought nothing of comforting others in their times of need even as he toiled cheerfully with a long and sometimes painful medical regime.

We will miss him sorely, and our hearts go out to his family that was blessed to have the time with him that they have had.

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