23 March 2016

Arizona Republicans Slow On The Updake

Eleven of the fourteen candidates on the GOP primary ballot in Arizona are no longer running for President.  But, that didn't stop roughly 22% of Arizona Republicans for voting for them (more than either Cruz or Kaisch alone).

We'd like to hope that this is because lots of Arizona Republicans voted early or by mail, rather than because one in five Arizona Republicans live in a total media vacuum. But, given the high percentage of geriatric snowbird migrants in the Arizona GOP, it is hard to be confident that this is the case.

UPDATE: Confirmation?:
The campaign of John Kasich is a joke, and not a particularly funny one, unless you like humor at the expense of the GOP and conservatism. Yet the media and GOP establishment has largely failed to call Kasich out. But with his embarrassing losses in Utah and Arizona yesterday (incredibly, it appears he lost the latter even to Rubio, who has been out of the race for a week now), it is long past time to throw Kasich’s campaign into the ash heap of history.


Dave Barnes said...

No way should Kasich drop out.
He is messing with the system.

andrew said...

I'm not sure that I understand what you are saying.