20 March 2016

Dogs Are Still For Soup

A woman suffered serious injuries to her hands after she was mauled while trying to break up a fight between her three English bull terriers during what Longmont police are calling a "massive dog fight" on Saturday night. 
Cmdr. Jeff Satur said a St. Bernard also got caught up in the middle of the fight, but was not being aggressive with officers. All the dogs were injured, and one might not survive. Satur said police responded to 21 Exner Place at 10:30 p..m. on a report of a woman, 55, being mauled by multiple dogs and screaming for help. 
Five officers found the woman being attacked by the dogs, and they began to pepper-spray the dogs and hit them with batons, Satur said. Satur said officers were able to round up three of the dogs, but had to use a Taser to subdue the fourth one. "The fourth dog was not as easy," Satur said. "Eventually, it was clear that pepper spray was not convincing this dog to back down."
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Unfortunately, this woman did not have a heroic cat to come to her rescue. (More heroic cats here).

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