30 August 2016

Office 365 Email Still Sucks

Office 365 is the crappiest, slowest, most annoying email system I have ever encountered, and that is really saying something. I could write reams for you about its stupidities and detrimental effects on my productivity. Its attempts at showing intelligence are perhaps its worst feature. 
From here.

The author's particular complaint is the program's inept efforts to get you to put times you discuss in your emails in your calendar.

This isn't the only thing wrong with it, of course. But, after a recent advanced Microsoft Word continuing legal education class that I took, I now realize that MS Office is far more evil than I had previously imagined.

The fact that such a crappy piece of software has managed to maintain the predominant share of the market for these kinds of programs, in which 99% of the users don't use the programs as intended, is one of the better proofs that we do not live in the best of all possible worlds.


Dave Barnes said...

Apple mail works for me

andrew said...

Of course, I know why I use outlook (only for work with one company I contract with). Because there are compatibility issues involved in using anything else with a shared email server there. In my personal life and my solo practice, I use gmail.