19 August 2016

Trump v Johnson In Colorado

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson faces long odds against winning even a single state's electoral college votes, but he does have a quite plausible chance of winning more votes than Republican Donald Trump in this year's Presidential election.

As the Denver Post's editorial board explains:
Those who still harbor the notion that Colorado is a purple swing state — at least for this election — should take a look at the latest Quinnipiac poll, released Wednesday. The most interesting news is not that Hillary Clinton trounces Trump 49 to 39 in a head-to-head contest but that Libertarian and Green candidates attract nearly a quarter of the vote when added to the mix. 
Indeed, Trump’s position is so weak that he is in a near tie with Libertarian Gary Johnson among independent voters, while Johnson actually crushes Trump among voters 18 to 34 — a stunning signal of youthful discontent with a major-party nominee.
It also bears recalling that in the 18 to 34 age group whose preferences show the future of American politics, that 50% identify as at least leaning towards the Democratic party, while only 20% at least lean towards the Republican party.  And, within the Democratic party, these Millennials were more attracted to the unapologetically liberal Bernie Sanders than they were to centrist Hillary Clinton.

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