16 May 2017

GPS Still Irritating

Mouseover: Technically, both cars are haunted, but the murder ghosts can't stand listening to the broken GPS for more than a few minutes.

Fun facts that illustrate my attitude towards GPS:

* It takes about two and a half miles of driving along 14th Street to convince a GPS that you really want to get to your destination via 14th Street rather than Colfax which runs parallel to it one block to the north.

* My GPS has a name: Loki, because it leads me astray and tries to confuse me.

* Forget returning cursive writing to the curriculum, I want them to restore cartography.

* GPS consistently overestimates how easy it is to make a left turn onto a busy street during rush hour.

* I was looking for a McDonald's once and it directed me to an abandoned building that used to be a VFW hall.

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