09 May 2017

One By One, Bugs In Colorado's E-Filing System Getting Fixed

Little by little, and without any announcements or public fanfare, bugs in Colorado's state court E-Filing system, which has the unfortunate acronym ICCES (pronounced the same way as one of the acronyms for the de facto regime of Northern Iraq and Syria called ISIS), are getting fixed.

* Today, "Minute Orders" became accessible online. Before, the only way to access these short and informal court rulings on matters like deadlines that were nonetheless binding on the parties, was to request a paper copy.

* A bug that prevented attorneys from being added to cases using my browser software was fixed.

* An across the board security protocol that would not admit or deny the existence of probate court cases despite the fact that they are public records which a variety of beneficiaries and creditors need access to, has been removed.

Keep up the good work folks!

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