11 May 2017

One Down, One To Go

High school is all over for kiddo number one (above), except for the parties! Our nest will be half empty in the fall.

Kiddo number two, meanwhile, will no longer need dad to accompany him as he drives his chariot  (below) around town starting this summer. (The previous owner is depicted in the photo, not Clark.)


Dave Barnes said...

Interesting choice of car for a teenage boy.

andrew said...

It's cool. It doesn't leave room for lots of rowdy teenage companions. It doesn't actually go all that fast. It is used so it doesn't have to be scratch free. What better time to learn to drive stick? (My first car was a stick as well, although not so dramatic.)

Also, the fact that it is memorable means he's discouraged from using it anywhere stealth is required (which usually means mischief).