06 November 2020

Red States, Blue States, And Education

The correlations in these two maps explains a lot (although not everything).

The 2020 Presidential election results:

Utah (Trump + 21) and Kansas (Trump + 15.6) are more educated than their fellow red states. Nevada (Biden + 1.6) and Wisconsin (Biden + 0.6) are less educated than their fellow blue states. The Presidential election outcomes in the other 46 U.S. states can be explained entirely by the extent to which their citizens are highly educated. 

Education isn't a perfect predictor of the strength of GOP or Democratic support among red and blue states respectively, but it does a pretty decent job on that front as well.


Dave Barnes said...

Utah will always vote for "less government" because philosophically they believe that the church should do good works.

andrew said...

Utah is less anti-government than many red states. For example, Utah has made a healthy investment in hiring sufficient numbers of elementary school teachers.

neo said...

and states with the worst schools and how they voted