15 June 2006

Colorado Attorney Joins Hall of Shame

How bad does your appellate brief have to be before you are personally sanctioned for doing a completely shitty job with an attorneys' fee award by the Colorado Court of Appeals? Ask Richard K. Blundell (attorney registration number #10358) of Greeley, Colorado who just received this punishment for his brief in a published opinion of the Colorado Court of Appeals today.

It doesn't help that the only authority he cited in the worker's compensation case was the appellate court rule on publication of opinions (be careful what you wish for, the opinion showing him make an utter fool of himself was published), Plessy v. Ferguson and Dred Scott.

We hope that he simply used bad judgment in agreeing to sign a brief actually prepapred by a delusional client. If not, he has reached a point at which he needs to hang up his license to practice law.

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Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

He was also placed on probation by the attorney discipline officials in Colorado in 2002.