22 June 2006

The Party Of Bad Ideas.

There is a political party with no ideas in the United States, and it isn’t the Democratic Party. Well, this isn’t entirely true. Of course they have ideas. But, they don’t make a lot of sense. What are the Republican ideas?

* Plan to end frivolous medical malpractice litigation: Reduce recoveries from doctors proven negligent in court.
* Plan for improving K-12 education: Cut education funding.
* Plan for improving higher education: Cut financial aid.
* Idea for making Medicare more efficient: Create world’s most complex prescription benefit.
* Idea for controlling Medicaid costs: Kick poor elderly legal immigrants out of nursing homes and require photo ID for newborn babies.
* Idea for controlling private health care costs: Encourage teen moms to leave home to get Medicaid benefits.
* Idea for expanding access to health care: End tax benefits for health insurance.
* Exit strategy from Iraq: Build permanent bases.
* Solution to global warming: What global warming? (6/22 edition).
* Plan for reducing unemployment: Record low wages.
* Plan for Social Security solvency: Cut benefits and invest in the stock market. Dow when Bush took office: 10,732; Dow on June 13, 2006: 10,764. Gain for past five and a half years: 0.1%.
* Plan for financing government: Cut taxes more than spending and let the kids pay for it.
* Plan for cutting record high foreclosures: End mortgage interest deduction and increase interest rates.
* Plan for encouraging traditional families: Make it harder to get married.
* Idea for government efficiency: More driver's license paperwork and longer lines.
* Idea for discouraging abortions: Make it hard to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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