20 June 2006

Colorado's 2006 Ballot Issues

Colorado has a full ballot this year. I'd explain the ballot issues on it for you, but Dan already has a webpage that explains them all and gives his opinion on each of them. Dan is a smart guy. I agree with him on every single one of them.


Anonymous said...

Dan doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground! His views are just that. HIS views. Especially his on marriage are off the wall. Marriage exists for that between a man and a woman.

Anonymous said...

I found Dan's views to be quite similar to my own. I am still confused about Amendment 41 though. When I took my job in the software industry I signed a contract that stated that I couldn't go work for a competitor for some length of time after I left my current employer. What's wrong with asking the same of our government officials?

Anonymous said...

With regards to the domestic partnership referendum I would ask that you explain to me how enactment of this would hurt me. Please do so without any reference to religious ideology as that is a matter of personal choice, not law.