25 September 2006

Introducing George Allen

George Allen is the man the GOP wants Virginia voters to elect to the U.S. Senate this year. His former college football teammate, R. Kendall Shelton, 53, a radiologist in North Carolina, has introduced us to him in a Washington Post interview.

Here's part of what he had to say:

[He] recounted an episode in 1973 or 1974 in which he and Allen and a third friend shot a deer while hunting. Shelton said Allen cut the deer's head off, asked directions to the home of the nearest black person, and shoved the head into that person's oversized mailbox.

A brief history of his campaign against Democratic nominee Jim Webb, can be found here. Suffice it to say that Allen has a long history of racism and confederate affinities.

If you want to know more about Democrat Jim Webb, go here. If you don't need to know any more to contribute to his campaign, go here.

The Virginia race could very well make the difference between a Democratic majority and a Republican one in the U.S. Senate this year.

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